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I hereby consent and agree that my child may join the Rugga Roots program and that I shall not hold Rugga Roots or any of its Directors, employees, coaches or associated companies, liable for any unforeseen accidents that may befall my child during weekly classes, or as a result of my child being part and taking part in the program. I further understand, agree and accept the payment options and terms and conditions stated below and understand that I will be held liable for any unpaid accounts.


* Yearly Administration fee of R99 is due with the first payment.

Your account will be invoiced in advanced with all necessary due dates listed on your invoice. All payments are due in advanced, on or before the 1st of each month. Quarterly payment is due on or before the 1st of the first month of the quarter.
NO CASH or forex payments will be accepted.
1st Quarter | Payable on or before 1 February
2nd Quarter | Payable on or before 1 April
3rd Quarter | Payable on or before 1 July
4th Quarter | Payable on or before 1 October

Terms and Conditions:
  • Cancellation – one calendar month’s written notice sent by email to the office.
  • No Rugga Roots gifts will be handed out if any fees are outstanding on the account.
  • Rugga Roots intend on publishing photographs on our social media pages of enrolled participants, when they receive the Rugga Roots quarterly gifts. If your child should be excluded please send us an email.
  • In the event of an arrears account, Rugga Roots will not grant any credit in respect of a missed lesson/s whatsoever.
  • Rugga Roots reserves its rights not to refund any prepaid fees whatsoever.
  • The official Rugga Roots PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT NO 4 OF 2013 can be sent upon request.